The birth rate in South Korea continues to fall every month and is currently the lowest among OECD countries. In addition, the number of marriages is also small and the proportion of single households is rising. One of the effects of this demographic situation is an increase in the rate of pet adoption in South Korea.

The company's CEO, Eyal Victor Mamou, was interviewed by the Swedish radio station - Sveriges Radio - and shared about the pet industry market in South Korea, the trends in the field and the connection to the birth rate. In 2018, KOISRA published a market study that identified the growth in the pet industry in South Korea as well as the variety of business opportunities in this sector.

Sveriges Radio is Sweden's national publicly funded radio broadcaster. The radio has 4 national channels and 25 regional channels that broadcasting news, culture, sport and special programs daily to over 7 million people in Sweden. The radio can be listen via internet as well.

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