Navigating the complexities of the Korean market can be a daunting task for many foreign companies. The unique business landscape and regulatory structure in Korea often require significant resource allocation, navigating information gaps, and overcoming business and legal barriers. Foreign entities sometimes face challenges that can place them at a disadvantage compared to local companies.

To mitigate these challenges, there are several strategic approaches to market entry and business development in Korea designed to minimize risks and support foreign companies. These strategies include identifying local business partners, such as distributors, importers, or agents, direct market entry through local business establishment, or a bespoke combination of both through the establishment of a Representative Office and Corporate Liaison Services. KOISRA offers specialized services in this area to facilitate a smooth market entry and business development process for foreign companies in Korea.

KOISRA's representation and liaison services are designed to assist foreign companies in navigating the Korean market effectively, allowing for a controlled and strategic approach to business development. Our services aim to safeguard current and future business interests within Korea. Depending on client needs, our representation services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Local Presence: Provision of an office address, telephone number, answering service, meeting facilities, and other dedicated office services.
  • Corporate Image Development: Activities related to public relations, media monitoring, and developing a corporate image.
  • Market Opportunities: Exposure to business deals and tender opportunities in both private and government sectors.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Assistance with product and company compliance with local regulations.
    Localization Services: Korean translation, product localization, and adaptation to meet local market demands.
  • Strategic Consulting: Ongoing advice on operations within the Korean market.
  • Sales Channel Development: Support in developing and expanding local sales channels.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Facilitating partnerships with local stakeholders.
  • Customer Support: Providing service and support to local customers.
  • Business Establishment: Assistance with the establishment, organization, and registration of a local business and office.
  • Certifications and Licensing: Assistance with obtaining necessary certifications, standards, and relevant licenses.
  • Recruitment and HR Services: Recruiting local employees, providing employment solutions, and managing payroll services.
  • Local Communication: Offering a local contact point within the Korea time zone for customer and partner communication.
  • Market Exploration: Organizing local market visits and scheduling meetings with Korean companies.
  • Event Participation: Representation at local conferences and exhibitions.

Our local representation services are customized for each client, considering their specific requirements, industry type, desired activities in the Korean market, and overall objectives. We tailor our scope and level of service to align with your goals. For tailored advice and more details on how we can assist your entry and expansion in the Korean market, contact us.

What our Clients say

Services and support provided by KOISRA's staff have been of the best I could expect. I felt good and fully confident, that was the best possible and therefore very much appreciated the way everything was organized and applied.

Uri Bustan, CEO - EcoZone Technologies

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