Advanced technology and innovative business modules is the key to success for any business looking to grow market share and also be competitive. One of the effective ways to do this is through external detection of third-party technologies and business models.

KOISRA specializes in scouting and identifying advanced technologies, innovative business models and research and development projects with South Korean technologies and companies.

South Korea is known for being home to huge tech companies such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai, but South Korea is also a vibrant home for startups and disruptive technologies. In recent years, South Korea has become the most innovative country in the world. Please read more about at our Korea market insight post: Innovations, Technologies and Startups in South Korea

In 2014 we incorporated our venture arm – KOISRA Seed Partners – which is a Korean based seed fund and accelerator that invest, mentor and incubate Korean tech startups. This activity allow us to develop wide network in the Korean tech ecosystem with direct access to thousands of cutting edge startup technologies, local startups accelerators, University incubators, venture capital funds and Korean government agencies.

Under Technology Scouting Service in Korea, we work based on the following methodology:

Market Study & Technology Scouting

  1. Define Client’s requirements and needs such as requested technologies, sectors and applications, technology development stage / technology readiness level and alternative solutions
  2. Study the market, Scouting and listing up relevant candidates such as: technology vendors, startups and strategic partners according to Client’s requirements
  3. Screening and filtering out the list and sharing short list with Client

Initial Contact & Report

  1. According to the Client feedback, making initial contact with the Candidates to obtain additional information and check level of interest
  2. Initial meetings with candidates to validate information and level of interest
  3. Preparing report to summary the findings and contacts/meetings results

Follow up Support

  1. Setting up meetings in Korea (or by Conference call) between Client and confirmed candidates
  2. On-going communication support with the candidates to ensure healthy and productive discussions and negotiations
  3. Advise Company and provide strategic & tactical support and active presence in negotiations with candidate in Korea

We can help you to define your search and needs, to scout the right technologies and strategic technology partner in Korea, to screen, filter and evaluate the best findings and to help you to develop successful engagements and transactions in Korea.

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