In accordance with customs law and regulations, imports of goods into South Korea must be done by a local Korean importer who holds all the appropriate licenses for that import.

If a foreign company is interested in exporting and selling goods in South Korea, but does not have a local company or a third-party importer who will take responsibility for importing the goods, it must use the Importer of Record (IoR) services.

Importer of Record is an agent who is registered in South Korea and has the appropriate licenses to import goods as well as professional knowledge in the field of customs, import taxes, regulation and local standards. The importer does not take ownership of the goods and it remains in the hands of the customer or the end customer. Also the shipment of goods to South Korea is done on a consignment basis.

KOISRA is specializes in import consultation and provides Importer of Record services to foreign companies interested in exporting goods to South Korea assisting them in the entire logistics chain from per-shipment paperwork to the local distribution and sale to the end customer.

Under Importer of Record Services we provide the following services:

  • Product Compliance check before Import
  • Product Import Classification
  • Import Duties and Custom Tax advice
  • Product Safety Standards Check
  • Package and Artwork Review and Advice
  • Labeling Review and Korean Label Preparation
  • Product Registration at the Relevant Government Agencies
  • Apply for the Required Import Licenses or Permits
  • Act as the Legal Importer for Customs and Taxation
  • Prepare Reports and import legal documents
  • Custom Clearance and Payment of all Import Duties, Taxes and Fees
  • Maintain Import Records as Required under Korean Law
  • Handling all the Logistics and Shipping Matters

Importer of Record services are mainly suitable for foreign companies that use a fulfillment center in Korea, are interested in selling directly in the Korean ecommerce market as well as for foreign branches in Korea that prefer a professional importer to do the import work for them. We can help. Contact us for advice and more details.

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