While market entry to Korea can be developed and supported by third parties such as importers and distributors, direct entry to Korea and direct sales in the Korean market required more involvement and resources, such as local Korean company registration, employees’ recruitment, products and service compliance and daily office management.

For a foreign company operating in Korea, there are many benefits to setting up and running a Korean local business, for instance, there is complete control over pricing, marketing strategy and quality of service, however such local operation come with unique business difficulties and legal barriers that in many case are special to Korean market.

Interested in registering a company or representative office in South Korea? Looking for Korean workers to support your local market activity or expansion? Thinking about payroll in Korea? Do you need advice on local regulations or products compliance consultation? Any concerns about accounting and bookkeeping in Korea? We can help in all of these concerns and make your market entry to Korea to be easy and smooth.

One of KOISRA's specialties is supporting the establishment and local administration of foreign and multinational companies in the Korean market. We have been working in this field since 2009 and we have accumulated great experience and knowledge.

Under Business Setup Services in Korea we provide the followings kind of services:

  • Company and Business Registration in Korea
  • Company’s Bank Account opening
  • Korean Company Verification and Investigation
  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting
  • Employment Solutions such as Employer of Record, PEO and Hybrid Payroll
  • Local Business Address and Virtual Office in Korea
  • Office Location Selection and Premise Preparation
  • Korean Employees Recruitment
  • HR Management & Administration
  • Payroll Management
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Local Company Administration & Secretarial Services

Due to the high demand for such set of services in the Korean market, in 2018 we launched a dedicated website and tools under the brand KOISRA UP (https://www.koisraup.com). Since then we have helped dozens of companies, foreign and locals, to setup their new business in Korea and support the local employees and managements of those who already operate in Korea. You may contact us for any related matter here or on KOISRA UP website.

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