KOISRA was selected to conduct comprehensive market research in Korea for a prominent Central American international multilateral development financial institution. The research focused on assessing trade information, regulatory barriers, competitive landscape, and business opportunities for various sectors including minerals, agricultural products, and medical devices.

The primary goal of the research was to gather insights that would support and identify potential business opportunities for exporters from Central America, specifically from countries like Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. This would enable these exporters to effectively penetrate and compete in the Korean market.

The main challenge was the absence of a direct client, which meant that specific reviews of the products were not possible. Despite this, there was a need to comprehensively cover all relevant aspects, including the complex trade regulations, competitive environment, and specific industry requirements in Korea for foreign imports. The diversity of the product categories—minerals, agricultural products, and medical devices—added to the complexity, requiring a nuanced approach to gather accurate and actionable information.

KOISRA's research process was both extensive and thorough, utilizing a multi-layered methodology to ensure a comprehensive analysis of the Korean market. Initially, the team engaged in extensive desk research, reviewing existing literature, trade statistics, and regulatory documents to create a foundational understanding of the market landscape for minerals, agricultural products, and medical devices in Korea.

To build on this foundation, KOISRA then implemented a series of interviews and phone calls with key industry stakeholders, including government officials, industry experts, business leaders, and potential consumers. These interactions were crucial for gathering firsthand insights and current perspectives on market dynamics, trends, and consumer preferences.

In addition to interviews and phone calls, the team also conducted site visits where possible, to better understand the operational context and gather visual and operational data that is not always apparent in secondary research. These visits provided a deeper insight into the practical challenges and opportunities within the market.

Throughout the research process, all gathered information and data were meticulously inspected and evaluated in light of the South Korea-Central America FTA. This evaluation was crucial to understanding how the agreement's stipulations might impact market entry strategies and competitive positioning for Central American exporters. The team examined how tariffs, quotas, and non-tariff barriers under the FTA could influence market dynamics, identifying both leverage points and potential hurdles.


The outcome of the research was the preparation of five detailed reports, tailored to the specific needs of the sectors under study. Before finalizing these documents, draft versions of each report were shared with the client to solicit comments and feedback. This iterative process allowed KOISRA to refine and tailor the reports to better meet the client’s expectations and requirements, ensuring that all provided data and analysis were aligned with the client’s strategic goals.

Incorporating the client's feedback, KOISRA then finalized and shared the comprehensive reports, which provided an in-depth analysis of the trade environment, regulatory challenges, and competitive landscapes relevant to minerals, agricultural products, and medical devices. These reports, along with supportive documents and statistics, were compiled in English and equipped Central American exporters with the necessary information to make informed strategic decisions for entering or expanding in the Korean market.

To further ensure the client’s satisfaction with the project’s outcomes, KOISRA’s research team conducted a final meeting with the client. This meeting served as an opportunity to discuss the findings, address any lingering questions, and confirm that the reports met the client's needs and expectations, facilitating a successful conclusion to the research project.

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