A cyber security company specializing in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for cyber intelligence and external attack surface deception and monitoring sought to enter the Korean market. With their innovative solution offering a new layer of cybersecurity defense, they needed assistance in understanding local regulations, overcoming barriers, and establishing networking connections with local system integrators. KOISRA was engaged to support their market entry strategy.

The goal was to enter the Korean market and establish partnerships with local Korean systems integrators, enabling public and private organizations to implement deception-based cybersecurity measures as an effective defense mechanism within their networks.

The cyber security company faced several challenges in entering the Korean market, including a lack of understanding of local regulations, barriers, and connections with relevant systems integrators. They needed assistance in navigating the market landscape and establishing credibility and partnerships with key players.

Market Research: KOISRA conducted in-depth research on the Korean market, including analyzing the market structure, identifying key players, understanding local regulations, and assessing potential barriers to entry.

Localization of Marketing Materials: KOISRA assisted in localizing the company's marketing materials to ensure they effectively communicated their value proposition to the Korean audience.

Identification of Potential System Integrators: KOISRA compiled a list of potential systems integrators with relevant market reach who could potentially distribute and implement the company's cybersecurity solution.

Facilitating Meetings: KOISRA facilitated meetings with key stakeholders, including relevant government agencies and potential system integrators, to introduce the company's solution, showcase its capabilities, and explore partnership opportunities.


A large systems integrator affiliated with one of the largest Korean conglomerates was identified as a suitable partner. A Proof of Concept (PoC) project was initiated to test the company's solution within the systems integrator's infrastructure. The PoC project demonstrated the effectiveness of the company's solution in real-world scenarios, validating its capabilities and establishing trust with the system integrator. KOISRA played a crucial role in coordinating communication between the parties during the PoC project, ensuring a smooth collaboration.

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