An informative webinar, jointly organized by the Israeli Commercial Attaché in Seoul and the Israeli Export Institute on August 9, 2023, provided valuable insights into the burgeoning South Korean alcohol market. The event saw participation from more than 20 Israeli wineries and distillers.

The webinar featured a comprehensive presentation by KOISRA's CEO, Mr. Eyal Victor Mamou, offering a deep dive into the Korean wine, beer, and liquor industry. The market's value has surged to an estimated US $8.6 billion in 2023. Mr. Mamou explored shifting consumption trends, the rise of premium and low-alcohol options, and effective distribution strategies.

Mr. Mamou's analysis encompassed export dynamics, sharing valuable insights on market shares among exporting countries and strategies for overcoming import challenges, including taxes, tariffs, and compliance. This analysis illuminated the intricate landscape of the South Korean market.

For those seeking more detailed insights, the complete Korea Alcoholic Beverages Market Report is now accessible for download. This comprehensive report offers in-depth knowledge of market trends, consumer behaviors, trade dynamics, and the obstacles faced.