SK Telecom invites 5G and MEC startups to apply for 3 months program under TEAC - TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Center in South Korea.

TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Centers (TEACs - are a global, sustainable ecosystem that attracts the brightest entrepreneurial minds and innovative investors to work together to produce breakthrough technologies that reimagine telecom infrastructure. The program run and operate by local telecom service provider in UK, Germany and South Korea.

Since 2017, SK Telecom run and operate TEAC program in South Korea. SK Telecom is largest telecom company in South Korea and the world’s first 5G service provider. According to market research and analysis by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT released from January 2020, SK Telecom has established itself as the leader in the 5G market with around 2.22 million subscribers and 44.7% market share. SK Telecom has increased customers’ 5G experience and acceptance by creating around 70 5G Clusters in key commercial districts and densely populated areas throughout South Korea. SK Telecom also shared its experience and knowhow in 5G with other mobile operators across the globe including Deutsche Telekom, Taiwan Mobile and IT&E.

To accelerate its innovations in 5G and edge computing, SK Telecom invites foreign startups with expertise in 5G edge services/infrastructure and non-face-to-face solutions. The accepted startups (no more than 5) will be able to test their new technologies on SK Telecom commercial mobile networks, get support in identify business opportunities in the global market, get access to local and global investors and enjoy marketing and PR activities with SK Telecom. In addition, SK Telecom plans to introduce the startups at the next TIP Summit event, and provide opportunities for them to collaborate with TIP member companies from around the world.

Startups that wish to apply shall send the following document and information: Company presentation, Website address, Details about the solution, Full contact information and any additional relevant documents. 

Application should be sent to: [email protected]
Application period: June 01, 2020 - June 30, 2020
Result announcement date: July 15, 2020

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