New startups VISA program for foreigners has been launched in South Korea, revising the previous program with serious changes. With the new VISA - Overall Assistance for Startup Immigration System (OASIS) it will be much easier for foreigners to get working visa for their tech startups in Korea.

While in the previous program the main requirement for Start-Up Visa was registered patent in Korea, now in the OASIS program a point earning system has been implemented. The new system will make it more easy for creative and talented startups with no patent to fulfill the requirements. Not only that, the Korean government will help you the achieve that you if you have time to study 🙂

With the revised Start-Up Visa the Korean government hope to attract the world's best and brightest entrepreneurs to build businesses, create jobs, and fuel the economy of South Korea with more creativity.

For more information about the OASIS Visa please contact KIPA: [email protected]