A delegation from South Korea, led by the South Korean Small and Medium Business Administration (SBC), visited Israel during the final week of October 2015. The delegation was comprised of Mr. Chae-Un Lim, the Chairman of SBC, Mr. Nae-Kwon Jo, Director of the International Relations Department, and Mr. Seung-Yoon Lee, Deputy Manager of the International Relations Department. Additionally, several reporters and journalists joined to cover the delegation's visit.

The primary objective of the delegation was to familiarize themselves with Israel's advanced startup ecosystem and technologies. Furthermore, they aimed to establish official relationships with relevant businesses and government bodies to bolster economic and trade ties between the two countries.

Appointed by SBC, KOISRA assumed a pivotal role in meticulously orchestrating the South Korean delegation's visit to Israel, overseeing logistics, accommodation, transportation, and crafting a tailored agenda for fruitful engagements with Israeli businesses and government bodies. Their adeptness in navigating cultural nuances ensured seamless communication, fostering a conducive environment for meaningful collaborations between both nations' enterprises.

During this visit, on October 25, an MOU agreement was signed with The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEI). Mr. Ofer Zaks, the CEO of IEI, signed the agreement alongside Mr. Chae-Un Lim, the Chairman of SBC.

The MOU outlined the establishment of effective working channels between the bodies, aiming to create a robust platform facilitating collaboration between Korean and Israeli companies. This platform was designed to streamline and support easy collaboration, fostering stronger ties between the business sectors of both nations.

KOISRA will continue to represent SBC concerning business relations with Israel.