On Sunday this week, KOISRA participated in the Korea-Israel Smart Mobility Networking Day 2019 which was held in Tel Aviv, Israel at the offices of Herzog Fox & Neeman law firm (HFN). The event was co-organized together with the Korea-Israel Research and Development Fund, KORIL-RDF and HFN law firm.

As part of the event, Korean Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Suh Dong Gu, talked about the potential of cooperation between Israeli and Korean companies in technology and joint research and development projects. According to the ambassador, Korean automotive companies should try to partner with Israeli high-tech companies, which are known for their technological superiority in the world. On the other hand, Israeli companies will do great if they find Korean partners to commercialize the technology and reach international markets together.

Israeli and Korean companies in the field of automotive and Smart Mobility were invited to the event. Five companies came from Korea:

  1. Mando Corporation (www.mando.com)
  2. Shin Young (shym.co.kr)
  3. Suresoft Tech (suresofttech.com)
  4. SWM (www.swm.ai)
  5. KR Motors (en.krmotors.com)

KOISRA met with the Israeli companies that came to the event and offered them assistance working with Korean companies, Korea market analysis, meeting support with Korean companies, finding new automotive companies in Korea and also local representative services in Korea in order to be close to relevant projects in Korea. For the Korean companies, KOISRA introduced some of its Israeli clients who are looking for Korean partners. In addition, we also introduced our Technology Scouting and Open Innovation services in Israel.

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