From April 21 to 25, 2013, a delegation led by representatives from The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) and Korean media arrived in Israel to study and explore the Israeli Startups Ecosystem.

The FKI was accompanied by economic journalists from three leading newspapers: Seoul Economics Daily, Sae Gae Times, The Korea Herald, Money Today, as well as the national television channel Seoul Broadcasting System, which arrived with a camera crew.

The primary objective of the delegation was to learn about the Israeli phenomenal startups ecosystem, famously known as Startup Nation. Additionally, their aim was to develop communication channels with relevant stakeholders in this vibrant tech industry.

Appointed by FKI, KOISRA organized and facilitated the South Korean delegation's visit to Israel, overseeing logistics, accommodation, transportation, and meeting arrangements. Among the companies and entities the delegation met were the Israeli Business Incubators management, the Israeli Chief Scientist, Google Israel, the Korean Embassy, the KOTRA economic delegation, Better Place, the Israel Association for Advanced Industries, Magma Venture Capital, the technology incubators of the Trendlines Group, Pantalum Technologies, the Technion's technology commercialization company T3, and others.

During this visit, later coined as the "FKI Creative Economy Tour," the delegation learned about entrepreneurship, investment, government support programs for startups, and the globalization of startups. Dozens of articles and interviews about this visit were published in Korean channels, increasing exposure and knowledge about Israeli innovation.

The Federation of Korean Industries is an organization that brings together the largest South Korean industrial companies, such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and others. The organization is considered the most influential and important in the world of Korean industry. It works to improve trading conditions in the Korean market and serves as a lobbyist in the Korean parliament and government bodies. Currently, the organization is headed by Chang-Soo Huh, chairman of the GS Group. Among his deputies are the chairman of the Samsung Electronics Group, the chairman of the national airline Korean Air, the chairman of the Hyundai Motor Company, the chairman of the LG Corporation, and others.

KOISRA will continue to support FKI regarding business relations with Israel.