Last Monday, on April 29, 2024, the KOISRA business development team was invited to the Estonian Business Hub in Seoul, where a standout event highlighted Estonia's expertise in sustainable design and organic cosmetics. This exhibition, organized by Loov Eesti/Creative Estonia and Organic Estonia, not only displayed an impressive array of sustainable products but also demonstrated Estonia's commitment to eco-friendly solutions and natural beauty products.

Participants included renowned names such as Woolish, Reet Aus, Urbsill, Maria Rästa Design, Lucky Laika, Mirgoods, Radis Furniture, Koos Disain, Sutu, Ubent, and esteemed local cosmetic brands like Viking Beauty Secrets, Aesti Skincare, D'DIFFERENCE, Hoia, Magrada Organic Cosmetics, Nurme Natural Cosmetics, Others, North Beauty, and MaiWistik.

These participants represent some of the best of Estonian craftsmanship, offering everything from high-quality woolen goods to sustainable furniture and eco-conscious cosmetics. Real samples of the products were displayed at the exhibition, providing a significant opportunity for these brands to connect with potential partners and expand their reach into the lucrative Korean market.

During the visit, the KOISRA team learned about the various brands, met with business representatives, and introduced our designed Korea market entry service to support Estonian companies.

Opened in January 2023, the Estonian Business Hub in Seoul serves as a critical meeting point where Estonian businesses engage with the Korean market. The Hub provides facilities for presentations and client meetings, making it a practical resource for Estonian companies. It educates South Korean stakeholders about Estonia's business environment, including advanced e-government solutions and the E-Residency Programme, and promotes Estonia as a tourist destination.