Eyal Victor Mamou, CEO of KOISRA, has been featured in Insider's (formerly known as Business Insider) recent article titled "Meet the typical South Korean millennial: educated, and part of the 'kangaroo tribe' that can't afford to leave their parents' homes," written by reporters Mr. Matthew Loh and Ms. Reena Koh. The article delves into the challenges and characteristics of South Korean millennials, with Mamou providing valuable insights into the MZ generation.

As an expert in the South Korean market, Mamou shares valuable insights with Insider about the financial status and spending behaviors of the MZ generation. He provides a comprehensive understanding of their unique financial challenges, including the impact of rising housing costs and the evolving dynamics of the job market. Mamou also sheds light on their work-life balance preferences and how they prioritize personal fulfillment alongside career success.

The article, which was initially published in English, has gained significant traction and has been translated into multiple languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and others. It has been featured in various media outlets, reaching a diverse international audience.


Insider, formerly known as Business Insider, is a renowned media platform known for its in-depth coverage of business, technology, and industry trends. The publication has a strong reputation for delivering insightful and engaging content to its readership. The article by Matthew Loh and Reena Koh captures the experiences and aspirations of South Korean millennials and provides a comprehensive understanding of their situation.

To read the full article please visit: https://www.businessinsider.com/south-korean-millennial-income-housing-ambitions-jobs-2023-3