Introduction: Six Israeli food and beverage brands, including wine and olive oil companies, were seeking to expand their reach by entering the Korean market. To achieve this, they turned to KOISRA, who provided specialized expertise and support to help them navigate the cultural and logistical challenges of entering Korea.

The objective was to introduce the Israeli brands to the Korean market and establish connections with potential local partners to distribute and promote their products. KOISRA aimed to provide the necessary resources and support to make the entry into the Korean market as smooth and efficient as possible.

The Israeli brands faced several challenges in entering the Korean market, including language barriers, cultural differences, and unfamiliar regulations. In addition, the Korean market is known to be highly competitive, making it difficult for new brands to gain a foothold. The companies recognized the need for specialized expertise and support to navigate these challenges and successfully enter the market.

Exhibition Participation: KOISRA identified the Import Goods Fair as a suitable platform to showcase the Israeli food and beverage brands and establish business partnerships with local importers and distributors. The fair is the largest of its kind in Korea and attracts a wide range of visitors from the food and beverage industry.

Booth Management: KOISRA set up a booth at the fair and managed it throughout the three-day exhibition. KOISRA's team provided visitors with information about the Israeli brands, introduced each brand, and provided samples of the products. Visitors were able to experience the taste and quality of the Israeli products firsthand, which helped generate interest and potential partnerships.

Product Localization: KOISRA assisted in product localization, including the preparation of marketing materials in Korean to better introduce the brands to the local market. This helped increase the brands' visibility and attract potential partners.

Prospect Identification: During the exhibition, Korean importers and distributors visited the booth. KOISRA introduced each of the brands, explained about the product range, and learned about the importers' activities and collaboration potential.


The Israeli food and beverage brands' participation in the Import Goods Fair was a success, with hundreds of visitors showing interest in the products. Through the fair, KOISRA was able to identify about 5-7 different importers for each brand that showed interest in the products, and follow-up meetings were arranged to discuss potential partnerships.

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