KOISRA celebrates 10 years of activity and would like to thank all of its clients and partners who have trusted us along the way.

Our journey began somewhere in 2008 when we recognized the difficulties faced by foreign companies as they tried to enter the Korean market. We spoke with exporters, importers, lawyers, government officials and other stakeholders and learned about the barriers that hinder companies from doing business in South Korea.

With the knowledge we gained, in 2009 we decided to develop tools and services that would enable any business, startup or large corporate, to develop successful business relationships in South Korea. This is the year we founded KOISRA in Seoul. Today we celebrate ten years of great work and success for us and our clients.

Like with any new business, the beginning was difficult. As a professional services provider, the initial difficulty was in identifying the right clients and convincing them about the benefits of our services. Since our CEO and founder is Israeli, it was only natural that in the beginning our main focus was on helping Israeli and Korean companies do business together.

Today, KOISRA has become one of the leading consulting and business development companies in Korea, helping companies from all over the world enter the Korean market and make successful business with Korean companies. For Korean based companies, KOISRA provides customized services in the Israeli market as well as in other countries where we have a local representative office, such as Taiwan and Germany.

We never stop learning the market and listening to our clients needs. Over the years, KOISRA has developed services that are specifically tailored to the special needs of foreign and Korean companies. For example, in 2018 we launched KOISRA UP, which is a set of tools and services for foreign companies looking to start a business in South Korea, including hiring local workers. Fortunately, these services have become very popular and we are pleased to hear how they help our clients in the Korean market.

Ten years have passed and we have made a gift for us - a new website for KOISRA that contains a lot of information about our services as well as about our activities. We invite you to browse the various pages and hope that the site will serve as a reliable and interesting source of information about our activities and business opportunities with Korean companies.

We are here to stay and promise to continue doing so for the next ten years, but that will be possible with the trust of our clients and partners.

Thank you!