Mr. Eyal Victor Mamou, CEO of KOISRA, was invited to speak at the K-Shop Conference 2019 to share insights on how multinational corporations source new technologies. The conference, held from June 19-21, 2019, at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX), brought together industry leaders from South Korean retailers and e-commerce companies to discuss the future of retail, mobile commerce, and data analytics in e-commerce.

During his keynote speech, Mr. Mamou focused on the global search for new and innovative technologies by multinational corporations. He presented compelling case studies from Israel and Korea, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration and cross-border innovation in driving economic growth and technological advancements.

As the CEO of KOISRA, a reputable Korea-based business development and consulting firm, Mr. Mamou shared valuable insights into the strategies employed by multinational corporations to discover cutting-edge technologies. His address highlighted the significance of partnerships and collaboration between companies from different countries, showcasing successful examples from Israel and Korea.

Attendees at the K-Shop Conference 2019 gained a deeper understanding of the global technology sourcing practices implemented by multinational corporations. Mr. Mamou's expertise and experiences illuminated the opportunities and challenges associated with acquiring innovative technologies worldwide.

KOISRA, with offices in Seoul and representatives across Europe, the USA, and Asia, plays a crucial role in supporting foreign companies as they enter the Korean market. As a trusted facilitator, the firm leverages its specialized expertise in the Israeli market to bridge the gap between these two countries, facilitating mutually beneficial business opportunities.