We invite you - cities, startups, corporations, and public institutes worldwide to apply for the Seoul Smart City Prize 2023. This esteemed award promotes an innovative and inclusive smart city model that prioritizes the well-being of underprivileged groups during the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Presented by WeGO and the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Seoul Smart City Prize emphasizes both people-centric and technology-centric approaches to smart city development. We believe a smart city should serve its citizens and advance technology in equal measure.

The Organizing Committee seeks exemplary projects in the following categories:

  1. Tech-InnovaCity: Projects integrating innovative policies and technologies across sectors like mobility, safety, welfare, environment, energy, culture, and governance.
  2. Human-CentriCity: Projects bridging the digital divide and ensuring digital inclusion in smart city development, prioritizing specific groups like the elderly, youth, and disabled.

The Seoul Prize Organizing Committee may award Special Mentions to exceptional projects based on specific themes and criteria.

Tech-InnovaCity Prize, Human-CentriCity and Leadership (for Individulas) Prizes:

  • Cities: Local and regional governments implementing policies aligned with the Prize categories. National governments may also be considered if projects target specific cities or align with Prize objectives.
  • Corporations: For-profit businesses, from multinational corporations to startups, actively engaged and invested in one of the Prize categories.
  • Institutions: Governmental and non-governmental institutions, associations, alliances, public agencies, international organizations, academic institutions, think tanks, universities, and non-profit organizations implementing projects matching one of the Prize categories.
    Individuals: demonstrating leadership in developing or promoting innovative technology and data usage, impacting global citizens' lives and addressing urban challenges.

Benefits for Winners:

  1. Recognition: Winners awarded at the Seoul Smart City Prize Ceremony during the World Cities Summit Mayors Forum 2023, showcasing their work internationally.
  2. Capacity-Building: Winners participate in a tailored capacity-building training program in Seoul, facilitating peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and sharing best practices in human-centered city development.
  3. Collaboration: Winners collaborate with the Seoul Metropolitan Government on smart city projects, such as feasibility studies, pilot implementations, triangular cooperation, and collaborative demonstrations. Collaborations are customized to cities' development stages and policy needs.
  4. Networking: Winners join the "Seoul Smart City Prize Platform," networking with relevant institutions, companies, and local governments.
  5. Exposure: Winners present their cases at international events through presentations, roundtable discussions, or exhibitions. Achievements are publicized on official websites and media channels.

Don't miss this opportunity to be recognized for your innovative and inclusive smart city initiatives. The application deadline is May 30, 2023. To apply, visit the Seoul Smart City Prize website at https://www.seoulsmartcityprize.com/application_intro.html for detailed information and guidance.