The Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs is inviting up to 7 European Agro-Technology companies to participate, free of charge, at The 6th AgriBio Expo 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

The 6th AgriBio Expo 2015 exhibits the innovation of Agricultural Life using the technology fusion in IT application. It also provides a number of participants with a wealth of experience that shows the advanced technology from both domestic and foreign agricultural industry.

Under the slogan “The Application of ICT and BT in Agriculture,” AgriBio Exop not only makes people imagine the bright future in agricultural field, but also grows itself to the international business exhibition of the agricultural industry.

Title The
th Agri-Bio International
Expo 2015

Period July 14(Tue) ~ July 16(Thu) 3days in 2015
Venue 1F/6F Luckyvill, LetsRun Park Seoul
Host Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural
Organizer Korea Institute of Planning and Evaluation for
In Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Exhibition Domestic/Foreign
Smart Farms, Agricultural Life, 6th Industry,
Exporting Technology, R&D, Interchange of Technology
B2B Meeting Import/Export
Trade and Consulting/Contract on Interchange of Technology between Businesses
Award Giving an Award to
Technician Who Contribute To Development of Agriculture Industry
Events Experience Center,
Seminar, Superior Technology Presentation, and etc

Special Benefits for European Agriculture Companies:

  • Free Booth (7.5 sqm)
  • B2B Meetings
  • On site translator
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Local Transportation
  • Lunch Meals
  • Exhibition equipment shipment coverage (up to US $500)

For more details, please contact our Office at +82-2-747-9443  or by Email: [email protected]

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