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Case Study: Forming Public Relations for an Israeli Company in South Korea

Target - Media Cover for Launching the Operation of an Israeli Company

An Israeli company which developed a unique method for English teaching for children and youth established a new study center in South Korea and wished to arrange a media cover for launching its operation in the center, including interviews with the company managers in the national press. Although the company is an Israeli company, it is not recognized as such throughout the world, acting in about 30 states with more than 700 study centers. In addition, the global operation of the company did not get public recognition. The media cover for the launching event was designated primarily to promote the commencement of operation of the company in Korea, but also to invite new customers to the center on the date of the event.

Challenge – a Short Schedule and an Unfamiliar Product

The event date for launching the new center has been set, and there remained a two weeks period to inform and invite the local and national media representatives. Furthermore, since the operation of the Israeli company is unfamiliar in Korea, it was difficult to convince the different media channels that the requested media cover is in accordance with the public interest. In addition, the goal was to get the media cover due to the public interest, rather than a funded media cover. 

Work Procedure – Branding the Learning Method and Locating the Relevant Media Channels

Before turning to the relevant media channels, the research team of KOISRA started to map the relevant media channels and the reporters who deal with the education realm, especially with coverage of foreign education companies which operate in Korea. Since one of the main purposes of the required media cover was bringing new potential customers to the center on the event date, a focus has been placed on locating a local media channel which operates in the same realm as the center does.

As aforesaid, the operation of the company was unfamiliar in Korea, and although the company did not defined itself in the world as an Israeli company, it has been decided to brand the company as an Israeli one and to link the unique teaching method to the Jewish educational world. Israel and Jewish education enjoy high prestige in South Korea and linking the two was designated to assist and to compensate for the fact that the operation of the company was yet unfamiliar in Korea, and to arouse curiosity among the media bodies.

Upon completing the preparation of the 'public relations kit', the activity of making contact with the press and the local and national television channels has begun. In this framework, the editors and reporters were informed regarding the operation of the company in the world, the different study centers and the unique teaching method which originated in Israel.

Result – Media Cover in the Press and on Television

The schedule was brief, yet in the end on the date of launching the new study center, a television team of the local news channel has arrived, covered the opening of the center and interviewed the representatives of the company. Many guests arrived to the event, including representatives of the Israeli embassy and the economic attaché of Israel in Korea. Before the event, there were several releases in the local and national press, such as the Korea Times, as well as interviews with the managers of the company in Korea and in Israel, which were published in the economic press such as the MK News.

Currently, KOISRA continues to manage the operation of the company in South Korea and to assist it in its new business undertakings.