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You are here Success Stories Case Study: Assistance and Business Accompaniment Before and After Entering into an Agreement with Korean Company

Case Study: Assistance and Business Accompaniment Before and After Entering into an Agreement with Korean Company

Target - Winning the Bid for Execution of Infrastructure and Construction Works on behalf of a Korean Company

A South Korean company which has won the bid for the execution of several energy and infrastructure projects in Israel has published a bid for the reception of services and execution of works by relevant Israeli companies. The client, which is a leading company in the metal industry in Israel, wished to submit its offer in the framework of the bid, yet, in order to assure a proper and continuous communication with the Korean company, including meetings and negotiating in the local language, as well as building mutual trust, KOISRA Co., Ltd. has been appointed to be an official representative of the Israeli client.

Challenge - Replacement of the Previous Contractor

The Korean company has already had a previous work experience with another Israeli company, in the framework of other projects and bids. That company had won a previous bid and has also submitted its offer in the framework of the new bid. Prima facie, it seemed that the client had a preference for the Israeli company, whether in terms of the labor relations which had already been formed between the parties or in terms of the business understandings regarding ongoing projects. Our client did not have prior business relations with the Korean company.

Work Practice – Information gathering regarding the Bid, the Competitors and Communication Management

Since the main challenge in the framework of the new bid had been to convince the Korean company to choose the client's offer, a KOISRA team began to learn and to examine the new bid and its terms, the client's offer, the other Israeli companies offers, as well as prior projects in which the Korean company had worked with the other Israeli company.

The results of the examination revealed our client's weaknesses and strengths against those of other bidders and thus an appropriate strategy has been devised for the management of communication with, and message transfer practices to the Korean company.

At first, the KOISRA team acted to locate the relevant contacts in the head offices of the Korean company in South Korea and informed them that any question, clarification or request for setting a meeting with the client, may also be done in South Korea, in the Korean language and with the cooperation of KOISRA, in order to allow the Korean company, including its intermediate level managers, a maximal convenience in its communication with the client and a prompt reception of information.

Subsequently, an introductory meeting had been set with the Korean company in which KOISRA introduced the client, his experience and his relevant activities to the project, which created a direct communication channel between the parties. In addition, and in order to prevent 'cultural misunderstandings', the KOISRA team has examined and modified the outgoing messages to the Korean company, including e-mail messages, documents, meetings and telephone conversations. In the negotiation stage, in which, among other things, discussions regarding the price of the different works in the framework of the bid, took place, KOISRA assisted the client to make the required modifications in the offer, in order to win the bid.

Result – the Client Won the Bid

Creating a direct communication channel between the Korean company and KOISRA made the messages transfer and the direct and indirect negotiations with the client, much easier. In addition, a convenient and efficient communication structure has been created between the parties, whether in terms of language or in terms of swift and relevant reply during the working hours in Korea, all in accordance with the bid procedure and terms. These elements increased the trust and confidence of the Korean company toward the client and his offer, which has finally led to his winning the bid.

After winning the bid, KOISRA still supplies deputation and support services for the Israeli client in relation to the Korean company, in the framework of the bid, as well as in other new projects. The Korean company has also noted that the presence of KOISRA made the communication with the Israeli client easier and helped finding solutions to problems efficiently and swiftly.