KOISRA recently signed a representative agreement with IVC Research Center, the leading source of data and business information in Israel's high-tech industry.

Israel, renowned for its advanced technologies and having the highest number of tech startups per capita, finds its premier high-tech startup research institution in IVC Research Center. With over two decades of scrutinizing the Israeli ecosystem since its inception in 1997, IVC Research Center has collected, analyzed, and mined data on thousands of startups, transactions, and investment activities in the Israeli market. Today, its database includes over 8,500 active high-tech startups.

The agreement was signed in Tel Aviv, Israel, by Mr. Guy Holtzman, CEO of IVC Research Center, and Adv. Eyal Victor Mamou, CEO of KOISRA. Under this agreement, KOISRA will represent IVC Research Center in South Korea, overseeing its business development, sales, and marketing activities in the Korean market. Moreover, KOISRA will have the authority to translate, publish, and distribute IVC Research Center's reports, surveys, and reviews in Korea.

“Israel, known as the ‘Startup Nation,’ is an amazing place to source advanced technologies and solutions for unsolved problems. It's also among the best locations worldwide to establish a corporate innovation center and be exposed to new ideas, technologies, and business models. In 2019, we counted more than 350 multinational corporations and R&D centers in Israel. Thanks to our extensive network in the Israeli ecosystem, we receive numerous inquiries annually from Korean SMEs and conglomerates seeking new technologies and business operations in the Israeli market. I believe that with the tools, research, and data provided by IVC Research Center, we will be able to offer our Korean clients better and more accurate solutions regarding the Israeli high-tech industry,” said Adv. Eyal Victor Mamou, CEO of KOISRA.

“IVC Research Center chose KOISRA due to its market-leading position in the Korean business development & consulting industry, as well as its extensive network and experience within the Korean startup ecosystem and the technological research and development sector. With Korea being the 11th largest economy globally and an export-oriented manufacturing economy, there's a constant need for new products, systems, and technologies. In this regard, Israel can be a tremendous source for such technologies, and we are looking forward to working closely with KOISRA in the Korean market on this matter,” said Mr. Guy Holtzman, CEO of IVC Research Center.