KOISRA is excited to announce the opening of our second office, located in the vibrant heart of downtown Tel Aviv, within the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce building.

As a consulting and business development firm experiencing steady growth, we've broadened our array of services to include prospect finding, market research, local office/branch setup, translation and localization, technology scouting and transfer, R&D projects and joint ventures, as well as legal and accounting, HR management and recruitment, and online market distribution. We have successfully provided these services to over 200 companies, government agencies, NGOs, and startups across a wide range of industries and technologies.

The inauguration of our Tel Aviv office represents a strategic move to enhance our service offerings to clients in the Israeli market. Israel, boasting over 8,500 tech startup companies, presents a robust demand and interest that KOISRA is fully equipped to meet. With teams in both locations, we speak our clients' languages — Hebrew, Korean, and English — ensuring seamless communication. Korean clients will gain direct and immediate access to Israel's innovative ecosystem, while Israeli clients will benefit from working with us in their local time zone.