We are pleased to announce that KOISRA has officially become a member of the esteemed Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP). This significant partnership signifies a step towards fostering business ties between South Korea and Portugal, providing a platform for enhanced collaboration and trade opportunities.

The partnership aims to facilitate a reciprocal exchange of knowledge and resources, offering South Korean companies access to CCIP's local expertise and industry connections in Portugal. Similarly, Portuguese companies can tap into KOISRA's specialized services to navigate the South Korean market.

KOISRA's CEO, Eyal Victor Mamou, a Portuguese fellow himself, expressed his excitement, stating, "This partnership holds great promise for unlocking business potential between our nations. Portugal presents untapped opportunities for South Korean companies, and together, we can create lasting synergies and collaborations."

Established in Lisbon with a rich legacy dating back to its foundation in 1834, CCIP (https://www.ccip.pt/en/) has played a pivotal role in promoting trade relations, cultural exchange, and economic advancement between Portugal and the international community. With a focus on supporting both local and foreign businesses, CCIP has been instrumental in driving innovation, entrepreneurship, and business development within Portugal and beyond.

This collaboration underscores the commitment of both KOISRA and CCIP to drive economic growth and facilitate international business connections. It aligns with their shared values of promoting innovation, cross-border trade, and robust global relationships.