By March 2024, KOISRA had successfully completed a certification course in South Korea focused on Food Products Import and Hygiene Control, offered by the Korea Food Industry Association (KFIA).

Throughout the course, a wide range of topics pertaining to imported food products were thoroughly studied. These included customs procedures for imported food products in Korea, the essential documents and certificates required for product identification and quality assurance, the definition of manufacturers and certificates of origin, the maintenance of cleanliness and control standards for food products, as well as the relevant laws and regulations governing the import and distribution of food products in Korea.

KOISRA has been participating in this course annually since 2012, ensuring that we stay informed about the latest guidelines and rules concerning food safety and import regulations.

This certification empowers KOISRA to offer business consulting services to our clients in the field of importing and distributing food products in Korea. Additionally, we occasionally produce reports and conduct market research on the Korean food industry, underscoring the importance of remaining up to date with the latest information. Furthermore, as part of our comprehensive services provided to our customers, including Local Representation and e-Commerce & Logistics services in the Korean market, KOISRA also functions as the authorized importer of record in South Korea for various food products.