KOISRA, a Korean-based consulting firm with a global reach, is proud to announce that it has been designated as a Global Business Partner 2023 by the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency (KOSME). KOISRA has been a certified partner of KOSME as Global Business Partner since 2016, back when the organization was named Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA). Every year, global consulting firms are evaluated by KOSME, and KOISRA is pleased to be re-appointed once again for 2023.

KOSME is a non-profit, government-funded organization that supports the growth and development of Korean SMEs. Through financial and non-financial programs, including consulting, training, marketing, and global cooperation, KOSME helps SMEs expand their operations, develop new products, and enhance their global competitiveness.

As a Global Business Partner, KOISRA gains direct access to KOSME's database of Korean SMEs and startups in all sectors and fields. This access enables KOISRA to help foreign companies engage with Korean businesses and identify new business opportunities for its clients. Additionally, KOISRA provides strategic consulting, market research, and business development services to help Korean companies expand their operations and succeed in international markets.

The certification of KOISRA as a Global Business Partner by KOSME is a testament to KOISRA's expertise and dedication to supporting the growth of Korean businesses in the global market. KOISRA is proud to continue working closely with Korean SMEs to help them achieve their international business goals.

In conclusion, KOISRA is pleased to be recognized once again as a Global Business Partner by KOSME for 2023. The partnership between KOISRA and KOSME offers Korean SMEs a unique opportunity to leverage KOISRA's global expertise and support in expanding their businesses globally. KOISRA's global reach and expertise make it well-positioned to support the growth and development of Korean SMEs in international markets.