KOISRA "Main Biz" certification for of Business Management and Innovation from MSS, the Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups was renewed till July 2024. 

In order to be Main Biz certfied company, KOISRA had to meet a number of criteria such as financial soundness over the past five years, no debt, minimum number of employees, a clean track record of lawsuits, non-involvement in gambling, tobacco and alcoholic beverages busiensses and implementation of technological tools for more efficient work.

As a company with a Main Biz certificate, KOISRA enjoys a preferential status in access to government tenders, bank financing on favorable terms, assistance in recruiting expert employees and access to various government support programs.

The certification will allow KOISRA to be recognized by the Korean governmental bodies as qualified company for various projects and programs, and by that also to be qualified to support Korean startups and SMEs in the global market.