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GESGES, an international front runner in the Cleantech field has exclusive experience, expertise, and human capital invested in the water business. Throughout the past two decades, GES has validated its value in hundreds of projects both in Israel and worldwide.

GES has been providing clean water to hundreds of satisfied customers in Israel and abroad for many years. Our solutions are economically viable and conform to the most stringent of standards. We offer maximum availability, cutting-edge technology, and incomparable quality.

GESOur customers come from many sectors: chemical, petrochemical, electronic, and metal industries; food and beverage industries; cosmetics and drugs; institutions; governmental authorities and municipalities; industrial plants; military entities; and others.

We at GES rely on the unique combination of substantial professional knowledge: the cumulative experience of hundreds of projects, and sound financial backing. The company employs skilled personnel, including some of the most experienced professionals in the field today, working alongside a vigorous younger generation being nurtured as future leaders. GES also represents many leading international companies, and its work is based on the best quality, state-of the-art products, equipment, and technologies.

These combinations of advantages make GES a leader in the following sectors:
  • Desalination of sea and brackish water.
  • Water purification and wastewater treatment for the industrial sector.
  • Purification of water and wastewater in the municipal sector.
  • Representation and the application of chemicals for treating water.
  • Operation and maintenance (O&M) of all water treatment facilities.
  • GES is a leading company in these fields and competes in international markets.
GES has an industrial chemicals division that specializes in the following fields:
  • Chemicals and finishing processes for metals.
  • Chemicals for preparing surfaces for painting and industrial paint stripping.
  • Materials for electrochemical plating.
  • Industrial cleaning materials.
  • Special adhesives and lubricants for industry.
  • GES represents leading international chemical companies via knowledge agreements.


At GES we provide our clients with solutions that take into account technology and the environment, as well as regulatory and financial constraints. We allow our customers to choose the place, the time, and the scale, as well as the cost and manner of financing. You can choose an overall solution or specific services to suit your needs, including:
  • Detailed process planning.
  • In-house design and production of essential equipment.
  • Skilled start-up and commissioning teams.
  • Experienced operation and maintenance teams.
  • Advanced laboratory services.
  • Mobile laboratory.
  • Financial solutions using Turn-Key/BOT/Water Outsourcing methods.

GES implements innovative technologies, whilst giving special attention to financial optimization aimed at providing our customers with a complete and worthwhile solution. It does so while adhering to the highest codes, scrupulously meeting international, environmental quality standards and all other relevant legal and regulatory particulars however harsh or demanding they may be.

GES is qualified under ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 quality assurance system for chemical production processes, supplies, and auxiliary technical services.

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