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c-valvesC-Valves, established in 1995 to develop valve technology that will eliminate the problems inherent in conventional control valve systems, C-Valves invested three years in research and development before bringing its first products to market. C-Valves products are based on proprietary valve technology.

C-Valves, delivers robust control valve and pressure management solutions, with immediate return on investment in reduced water loss, maintenance costs and energy costs. The bottom line for C-Valves is measured in reduced fluctuation of water supply, reduced unaccounted for water, fewer bursts, and reduced maintenance costs.

C-Valves enables our customers to reduce procurement, installation and maintenance costs, to save water and reduce energy consumption, and to stabilize water flow. The result: more efficient water systems, less non-revenue water and lower system maintenance costs.

Fusing unique piston actuated, Linear Flow, Linear Control (LFLC) valve technology, with field expertise in the most demanding environments, C-Valves provides unparalleled water supply solutions:

Waterworks and Water Treatment Plants
Leakage and burst reduction through dynamic pressure and flow management for both urban and rural environments.

Desalination Plants
Corrosion proof C-Valves are naturally suited to control sea water, brackish water and brine. Very cost effective compared to valves manufactured from expensive alloys.

Irrigation Systems
Accurate pressure control of long irrigation lines for agriculture, municipal gardening and commercial gardening. Field proven success with effective flow management, simplicity of operation and very low maintenance costs.

Water-intensive Industrial / Manufacturing
For manufacturing processes that depend on steady, reliable pressure, C-Valves delivers simple, precise, low-maintenance corrosion / cavitation resistant solutions.

The C-Valves global network of distributors, licensed service centers, and alliance partnerships with leading products and services providers, enable us to deliver global solutions with a local touch.

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