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LB Semicon

lbsemicon-logo-wLB Semicon Co., Ltd. established in 2000, is a Flip Chip Bumping company that has whole process of wafer bumping which is a first in South Korea. The Company's mission is to be a Total Solution Provider of Flip Chip technology.

LB Semicon provide total solution of bumping with high technology of Display Driver IC (of LCD, DPD, OLED etc) bumping, CMOS Image Sensors and modern test equipments with best engineers. LB Semicon specialized in Gold bumping, Solder bumping, Cu pillar bumping, RDL, WLCSP, probe test, etc.

Since 2007, LB Semicon keeps strongly RoHS regulation to meet EY RoHS, and estimated every year by ISO/IEC certification organization, and all products apply RoHS regulation which produced from LB Semicon. The company's products don't involve any Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr, PBB, PBDE.

LB Semicon is looking forward to establish a long and fruitful relationship with more new companies in Israel and around the world.

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