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transbiodiesel-logoBiodiesel is a cleaner-burning, renewable, alternative fuel produced from vegetable and animal oils. lt is safe for use in all diesel engines and has been registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a fuel and a fuel additive.

Since 2007 TransBiodiesel has been forging ahead with one of a kind Biocatalyst (immobilized enzyme) for the production of biodiesel, implementing industrially what many companies regarded as a commercial challenge.

TransBiodiesel has developed methanol—resistant enzymes capable of esterifying / transesterifying oil components and short-chain alcohols to form biodiesel. The Biocatalyst has been developed as an alternative environmentally benign and cost—effective to the alkaline/acid conventional catalysts.

Trans-BioDiesel-schemThe Advantage of Enzymatic Biodiesel Production:
  • Allows the use of low-grade feedstocks (FFA 0-100%)
  • Saves Energy
  • Reduces waste production
  • Uses a variety of lower cost feedstocks and allows existing producers to increase their biodiesel output
  • Produces cleaner & Very high quality Glycerol
  • Utilizes both Ethanol and Methanol in the esterification / trans-esterification of feedstocks producing the same yield

This cutting edge technology was developed to create high quality biodiesel from vegetable oil, algal oil, waste—cooking oils, brown grease and animal fats.

At present, although enzyme-based catalysts are widely used in industry, they are not applied in the production of biodiesel since methanol causes the deactivation of these biocatalysts. The TransBiodiesel innovation is development of two modified methanol-resistant enzymes. Three PCT patent applications have been submitted, two which protect the methanol-resistant enzymes and a third, which protects the combination of more than one enzyme.

TransBiodiesel has over 6 pilot plants of enzymatically catalyzed biodiesel production which are spread worldwide in Canada, USA, Holland, Japan, Israel and Singapore.

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