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logo-eromGood for human, Good for the World Sharing Happiness Through Health.
There are many other companies out there that have promised to commit themselves to national health. However, Erom's promise is different.

Erom is devoted to fulfilling its promise to spread happines through the all-round health of body, mind, and soul and thus to benefit the world, promising to share true health and happiness with its customers and neighbors through its philosophy of sharing.

Erom was found on December 1999, with the purpose of establishing and managing an Alternative Medical Hospital, School and Training Institute as well as providing a restful environment for fatigued urban citizens.

Erom currently operates branches in the United States, China and India. Erom also exports health products through worldwide exclusive networks in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Spain and Singapore.

In addition, Erom's purpose is to provide competitive services in health related business, environmental and educational fields to become a global marketing company.

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