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Inervit-logo-wInervit, a Korea based company, established in 2004 as a spin off from Korea Computer Communication Corporation, develop of server side DBMS (UniSQL) with a vision of providing reliable and scalable means to manage information everywhere they are needed.

Inervit mobile DBMS is deployed on millions of mobile phones, PMPs, ebooks and other information devices. Everyday, millions of consumers rely on Inervit search engine to file the information they need on their mobile phones and navigation system.

Inervit main products are:

  • MobileLite : small size database management solution on embedded device such as mobile phone, pad etc
  • MobileFTS : small size keyword search solution on embedded device such as mobile phone, pad etc
  • Msync : synchronization solution between MobileLite and legacy DBMS such as Oracle, Cubrid, MS-SQL and IBM DB2 etc

Inervit main customers base include Mobile Phone manufacturers like Samsung Electronic, LG Electronic and SK telesys, Telcom companies like SK Telecom, Korea Telecom and LGU+, PMP manufacturers like iRiver and governments bodies like Korea Custom Service, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea food & Drug Administration.

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