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Wissotzky Tea

wissotzkyThe leading producer and exporter of tea in Israel, Wissotzky Tea was founded in 1849 in Russia, and established its first tea plant production in Israel in 1936. Since that time the company has built a tradition for uncompromising devotion to producing the highest quality tea and this is evident from the selection of the ingredients and through out the production process.

wissotzky-factoryThe company's tea production plant is located in the industrial area in the Galilee and it is the largest tea manufactory in Israel. The plant is equipped with state of the art technology on a par with the best in the world. The factory manufactures all types of regular teas , herbal infusions and fruit teas in teabags or as loose tea. The tea is manufactured both for local markets and for export worldwide. manufactured both for local markets and for export worldwide. The Wissotzky tea factory meets the highest international quality standards including ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000. In addition it meets the requirements of HACCP and the requirements of the Ministry of Health for proper manufacturing processes (GMP).

wisso-boxWissotzky Tea Company has a widespread sales network for distributing its products to all four corners of Israel. The products are marketed directly to chain stores, retail shops and grocery shops. In addition to this the company supplies tea to large customers such as the army, the security forces, El Al airlines, and other institutional customers.

Wissotzky maintains commercial and marketing contacts in many countries around the world among them Russia, USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, South Africa, Switzerland and France.

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