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Matzot (무교병) Aviv

Aviv-Matsot-logo-wMatzot Aviv, established in 1887, is a leading matzot (무교병) factory in Israel. The company combines over 120-year-old baking tradition with state-of-the-art equipment in order to produce superior quality matzos & cookies.

The Matzot products are produced in Israel and exported to 28 countries around the world. Aviv has a wide variety of Passover Matzos including: wheat bran matzos, light matzos, egg matzos, round Matzos, chocolate coated matzos and many others. In addition, MATZOT AVIV manufactures a full line of all year round cookies under the "AVIV" & "AVIVA" brands, including a new line of sugar free cookies under the AVIVA brand.

Matzot Aviv is committed to strict Kashrus laws and regulations. Our year-round products are certified as kosher by the Chief Rabbi of Bnei Brak, Moshe Landau.
Our Passover products are strictly kosher for Passover and under the supervision of Rabbi Yosef M. Gliksberg, Chief Rabbi of Givatayim and the Orthodox Union (OU.)
Matzot Aviv gives great importance to the quality of its products and is certified with the ISO9000 and HACCP quality control systems. Quality control tests are done as routine in the factory and by independent laboratories to assure the premium quality of our products.

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