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Elsa's Story

elsa-story-wElsa’s Story creates a refreshing approach to cookies and homemade pastries, setting new standards to the meaning “HOME MADE COOKIES”.

Elsa’s Story  “Homemade” philosophy is to make cookies and cakes just the way they’re made at home. Elsa's Story is conscientious about maintaining the special quality of the cakes and cookies and believe that the company uncompromising standards help to fulfill that commitment. Elsa's Story is committed to creating a new retail experience that will change the way people consume cookies and pastries.

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Elsa’s Story is part of the Wissotzky tea group and controls a large portions of the premium biscuit market and is dominate in the general cake market, and exports to over 15 countries including the United States, Canada, Russia, Australia, Japan, China and more.

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