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Matzot (무교병) Aviv

Aviv-Matsot-logo-wMatzot Aviv, established in 1887, is a leading matzot (무교병) factory in Israel. The company combines over 120-year-old baking tradition with state-of-the-art equipment in order to produce superior quality matzos & cookies.


Barkan Wine Cellars

barkan-logo-wThe roots of Barkan Wine Cellars start at 1899 with a winery located near the city of Petach Tikva, Israel. In 1988 the company built a new winery in the Barkan Industrial Park. In 1994 the company went public and in 2000 the company moved from Barkan area to Hulda with more modern and innovative production facility.


Aunt Berta’s

aunt-bertas-logo-wUsing precious heirloom recipes handed down from one generation to the next, Aunt Berta’s Specialty Foods offers a mouthwatering menu of preserves, marmalades, sauces, fruit spreads, pralines, hand-made cookies and crackers.


Elsa's Story

elsa-story-wElsa’s Story creates a refreshing approach to cookies and homemade pastries, setting new standards to the meaning “HOME MADE COOKIES”.


Wissotzky Tea

wissotzkyThe leading producer and exporter of tea in Israel, Wissotzky Tea was founded in 1849 in Russia, and established its first tea plant production in Israel in 1936. Since that time the company has built a tradition for uncompromising devotion to producing the highest quality tea and this is evident from the selection of the ingredients and through out the production process.