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Korea Electronics Association

KEA-logo-wKorea Electronics Association (KEA) is a special corporation established in 1976 with the permission of the Minister of Knowledge Economy (MKE) to promote Korean electronic industry (including the industry of information and electrical supplies manufacturing).

KEA actively conducts many activities including demand creation, cost reduction and export promotion for Korean electronic and information industries.

KEA also contributes to fostering a sound and strong electronic industry and national economic growth by actively participating in the planning and execution of the national policy concerning the electronic industry.

  • Policy suggestion and system improvement related to the electronic industry;
  • Statistical research and studies of electronic industry;
  • Establishment of international cooperation and export support(e.g. KES);
  • Promotion of harmony and dispute mediation between industries;
  • Promotion of common interest business for electronic industry;
  • Policy fund support

KEA has begun developing and establishing private sector’s standards since 1993. To date, KEA developed more than 300. KEA has been recently focusing on international standardization especially in an environmental domain for electrical and electronic products and systems.

The Organization is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

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