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Marine Cosmetics - BUTA’I

butai-logoMarine Cosmetics established in 2006, by the founders Annie Reiss and Israel Finkelbrand.
Marines Cosmetics has developed a premium range of high performance, certified 100% natural-origin skincare products, branded BUTA’I.

BUTA’I is not only 100% natural beauty products but also highlly effective due to the exclusive use of patented Nanodroplet Technology, a delivery vehicle that enables the encapsulation of bio-active ingredients, and improves their dilution, availability and transport into the dermal layers of the skin.

Marine Cosmetics began early sales of BUTA’I in 2009 in selected trial markets in France and Israel, and in addition to very favorable press coverage and consumer reaction, has already managed to secure shelf space at the highly regarded Printemps department store in Paris, Harvey Nichols in Honk Kong and is soon to enter House of Fraser in London.

About the Technology
Nanodroplet Technology (NSSL -Nano Sized, Self assembled Liquid vehicles) enhances the efficacy of the delivery of the active ingredients and was developed via Professor Nissim Garti’s pharmaceutical research in emulsion formulation. Professor Garti holds an impressive number of patents and works as a scientific consultant for world-famous cosmetic brands, yet he chose to work with Marine Cosmetics at BUTA’I to develop the first natural beauty products based on his proudest discovery: Nanodroplet Technology.

Using this breakthrough technology, BUTA’I products are able to offer all of the pleasurable advantages of standard beauty products, but without utilizing synthetics, chemicals or other potentially harmful ingredients.

NSSL facilitates entrapment of insoluble bioactive ingredients, allowing full dilution, improved bioavailability and transport into dermal layers of the skin.


The NSSL technology creates a very large number of droplets which possess very high surface to volume ratios (large surface areas) allowing the incorporation of such components as vitamin E, A and D, various anti-oxidants and plant extracts into the formulations without phase separation (creaming, synersis, flocculation). This allows the formula to be clear and thermodynamically stable. The NSSL vehicles (micelles) themselves form small uniform oil droplets, (nanodroplets). The bio-active molecule that has been encapsulated into the NSSL is released once the micelle is disturbed as it reaches the dermal layers of the skin. Ultimately, the benefit of the technology is felt in the improved cosmetic feel and performance of the cream.

Natural Cosmetics
BDIHAll of BUTA’I products are certified as 100% natural cosmetics by BDIH (Federation of German Industries and Trading Firms for pharmaceuticals, nutritional goods, dietary supplements and personal hygiene products).

BUTA’I products do not include any chemicals such as parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic ingredients or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Additionally, BUTA’I products also do not include artificial preservatives, colors or fragrances in the formulas.

BUTA’I products never test on animals or use animal by-products, and from beginning to end, the manufacturing process leaves as small an ecological footprint as possible, utilizing eco-friendly, minimal packaging.

BUTA’I consists of 6 face products, and 4 body products. Additional lines will be launched shortly to include specific skin-type related creams and high performance anti-aging products.
In addition to the core Nanodroplet Technology, Marine Cosmetics’s unique formulations are built on the highest quality components, and include functional ingredients such as: Arginine, Australian Tea Tree, Borage Oil, CoEnzyme Q10, Green Tea, Lycopene, Menthyl Lactate, Milk Protein, Natural Lutein, Peppermint Oil, Pomegranante Oil, Shea Butter, South Indian Lotus, Sweet Almond, Vitamin E.

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