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sarelSAREL, established in 1995, is Israel’s largest private single supplier under one roof of goods and services to healthcare and medical institutions.

The company’s sophisticated managerial approach coupled with a comprehensive range of medical, pharmaceutical, surgical and laboratory supplies and equipment, ensures that end-users obtain the widest range of state-of-the-art products at the lowest possible cost.

SAREL operates centralized computerised Customers` Service and Orders management, inventory control and monitoring systems from its central warehouse to hospital bed level, application of just-in-time standards, dynamic storage spaces, climatically controlled warehousing, and efficient dispatch of products to end-users.helping  its customers reduce their operational costs, and spare them the need to maintain large inventories and waste valuable time on non-core activities.

SAREL offers and supports the most advanced technologies available to the healthcare industry, including PACS, digital imaging, RFID solutions, digital patients` files.

SAREL handles over 48,000 items and serving roughly 50% of Israel’s hospital beds.

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