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levgumLevgum, established in 1998, is an environmental technology company specializing in rubber devulcanization. The company has developed the world's leading rubber devulcanization technology, turning rubber recycling into a commercially viable, environmentally clean enterprise.

The Technology
Levgum is spearheading global change in the rubber recycling industry through its patented breakthrough technology - the first high performance chemical modifier for the devulcanization of rubber waste. This has resulted in reducing the cost of recycled rubber to less than half that of virgin rubber.  

Levgum's novel and innovative new process involves breaking down the sulfur links that are crossed between rubber polymer chains in vulcanized rubber. This enables waste rubber to be re-used, while retaining most of the properties and characteristics of the original rubber.

The Advantages
Levgum's new devulcanization process will reduce the amount of rubber waste around the world, eliminate the need for illegal landfills and save the environment from hazardous incineration gases. It will help the world take a giant step toward reaching true sustainable development.  

The superior quality recycled rubber which results from the Levgum process can either be used exclusively, or mixed with virgin rubber. This can amount to up to 30% of the total rubber used for each tire – a boon for the tire industry, and in rubber products up to 100%.

Market Size
Levgum’s vision is that its patent-protected technology will be responsible for 20% of the world’s de-vulcanization market by 2014.

Licensing and Marketing
By entering into a licensing agreement with Levgum, rubber producers can manufacture recycled rubber that maintains most of the rubber’s original properties and is less expensive than virgin rubber. This results in lower manufacturing expenses and significantly higher returns.

Rubber product manufacturers and tire makers who use Levgum’s recycled rubber can develop aggressive pricing strategies, elevate their industry positioning and save millions of dollars annually, while becoming “green” and environmentally friendly.

To date Levgum has seven licensees around the world: Australia (Black - Orb), Brazil (Cibell), Greece (CYCLOELASTICA), India (TVS Sundaram Industries), Portugal ,Turkey (MSA Kacuk, Plastik, ith.ihr.San.Ve Tic.Ltd.Sti), and the United States (Newrub Tire Recycling, LLC).

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