Eyal Victor Mamou, CEO of KOISRA, was honored with an invitation from the Lithuanian Embassy in Seoul on December 13, 2023 to lead a specialized workshop for a delegation of Lithuanian companies on successfully doing business in South Korea.

Leveraging KOISRA's extensive real-world experience and industry best practices, Mr. Mamou provided valuable insights to help the companies achieve success in the Korean market. The workshop focused on key areas including initial communications, negotiation strategies, crafting effective contracts, and understanding the nuances of business ethics critical for collaborative partnerships with Korean companies.

Mr. Mamou's session proved instrumental in equipping the Lithuanian delegation with the essential knowledge and tools to forge fruitful ties within the Korean business landscape. Armed with these new insights, the delegation then smoothly transitioned into a series of targeted B2B meetings with Korean importers.

KOISRA has considerable experience in working with Lithuanian companies in Korea, having already led several successful projects. For example, a year and a half ago on May 2022, Mr. Mamou provided a webinar on Opportunities for Lithuanian Food and Beverage Exporters that was also impactful. This rich background with Lithuanian partners enabled Mr. Mamou to provide particularly relevant insights and strategic guidance during the specialized workshop.