South Korea and China introducing today the "fast track procedure" - a fast and safe track for visitors between the two countries for business purposes, without the need for isolation after arrival.

China and South Korea are major trade partners whose economies are highly dependent on each other. For Korea China is the export destination as well as the largest importing country. For China, South Korea is the fourth largest export destination as well as the largest importing country.

The Fast Track Procedure is designed to allow the continued travel of business between South Korea and China, all while keeping public health from possible contagion of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The chosen procedure is to have COVID-19 test at least 72 hours before take-off, if the tes result is negative and there were no symptoms during the last 14 days, the flight will be approved, but further testing to COVID-19 will be done upon landing in the destination country. If this second test result is also negative, entering the country for business may not require isolation, but the applicable person will be under active surveillance during his/her stay.

We estimate that the Korea-China Fast Track Procedure will be a model for other countries that will open their doors for business flights and tourism as well. Fast Coronavirus / COVID-19 testing kits are becoming very available these days, especially those manufactured by a number of Korean companies whose quality is excellent and relatively low in cost.

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