The Israel-Korea Business Council was established through a collaboration between the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel (MAI) and the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI). Its primary objective is to foster and facilitate industrial cooperation, investments, and business endeavors between Israel and Korea, aiming to elevate bilateral trade while nurturing collaboration between companies from both nations.

Functioning through cooperative efforts with various Korean governmental bodies, public and private business associations, as well as companies, the Council operates to strengthen the ties between the industrial associations of both countries. It endeavors to expedite interactions and aims to contribute to establishing a conducive business environment in Israel and Korea, propelling the creation of collaborative business projects.

The Council executes this vision primarily through conferences, seminars, forums, delegations, and meetings involving officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and companies from Israel and Korea. At the forefront of the Israel-Korea Business Council is Mr. Zeev Weiss, an Attorney at Law and the head of Weiss, Porat & Co. Law Offices, who assumes the role of the Council's chair.

The MAI, founded in 1962, stands as Israel's largest employers' organization, championing the interests of industrialists and hi-tech sectors for over a century. With a membership exceeding 2000, the MAI represents entities responsible for over 90% of Israel's total industrial output. Conversely, FKI, The Federation of Korean Industries, founded in 1961, operates as a non-profit, independent organization comprising Korea's major conglomerates and associated members. FKI's core objectives revolve around promoting sound economic policies, fostering internationalization of the economy, advancing the free market economic system, and contributing to the nation's development.

KOISRA’s CEO, Mr. Eyal Victor Mamou, serves as the representative of the Israel-Korea Business Council (IKBC) in South Korea. Mr. Mamou contributes his specialized expertise in Korea-Israel business development to advance the Council's objectives and enhance collaboration between the two nations.

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