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The South Korean and the Israeli market offers many business opportunities for public and private companies, but due to several reasons the execution of it isn't easy and may take long time. We know and understand the issues that companies face and therefore since our establishment we've developed an expertise and unique know how in the Korean and the Israeli market which allow us to support and promote our clients in the most efficient way.
Below are few sample of case studies with details on how we've been able to help our clients to achieve their goals

Case Study: Establishing a Representative Agency and a Sales Center in South Korea

An Israeli company which runs from Israel an international school for languages learning through the internet, wished to increase its exposure in the South Korean market, through direct sale to the Korean consumers and to supply local service and support.


Case Study: Assimilation of a New Israeli Technology in Korean Company

An Israeli start-up company which developed a unique alternative technology for the production of bio-diesel by enzymes, wished to locate big bio-diesel producers in South Korea and to offer them to examine the use of the new technology instead of the current chemical based technology.


Case Study: Forming Public Relations for an Israeli Company in South Korea

An Israeli company which developed a unique method for English teaching for children and youth established a new study center in South Korea and wished to arrange a media cover for launching its operation in the center, including interviews with the company managers in the national press.


Case Study: Assistance and Business Accompaniment Before and After Entering into an Agreement with Korean Company

A South Korean company which has won the bid for the execution of several energy and infrastructure projects in Israel has published a bid for the reception of services and execution of works by relevant Israeli companies. The client, which is a leading company in the metal industry in Israel, wished to submit its offer in the framework of the bid


Case Study: Penetration of a Food Product to the Korean Premium Market

An Israeli private company, a manufacturer of food products such as jams and sauces, wished to examine the entrance to the Korean food market. The company is a senior and very active company in the Israeli food market and its products are distributed mainly in food chains both in Israel and in Europe.


Case Study: Business Accompaniment for an Israeli Representative of a Korean Corporation

An Israeli company, an importer of industrial products and a supplier of project management services, customer service, engineering, technical and logistical support, wishes to broaden its business activity and to examine the possibility of importing and installing passengers' elevators and cargo elevators manufactured by a leading Korean corporation and to become a formal representative in Israel of its products.