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Renewed Water Minerals Ltd

RWMRenewed Water Minerals Ltd (RWM) was established by Renewable Resources Technologies (2008) Ltd (RRT) and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) for the purpose of developing and marketing a patented system for the re-mineralization of desalinated water.

The system provides desalination plants with cost-effective post treatment, resulting in chemically stable and re-mineralized water, satisfying the most recent WHO recommendations and contributing to agricultural needs.

RWM has secured the rights to the patent owned by the Technion who will continue to be involved and lead current and future R&D. RWM patented post treatment is comprised of three major subsystems:
  • Calcite dissolution section – either by H2SO4, CO2(g), or a combination of both Ion exchange section – exchanging Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions
  • Product delivery section

Desired product water specifications is achieved by controlling operating parameters of the post-treatment desalinated water system and by mixing treated and non-treated desalinated water streams .

RWM can produce post-treated desalinated water within a wide range of qualities, relating to the following parameters: Ca2+ and Mg2+ concentrations, total hardness (TH), Alkalinity, pH, and CCPP (the latter parameter is at times replaced by the more qualitative parameter LSI).

RWM will install a complete post-treatment package, or an add-on section to already operational post treatment systems in existing desalination plants. RWM post treatment has a small footprint and is designed for safe and reliable long-term operation.

RWM solution benefits
Provides water that is both chemicaly non aggresive to distribution systems and balanced in terms of mineral content (including calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and sulfate ions).

  • Low-cost Mg2+ supply – compared to all existing methods
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easily adjustable product specifications control
  • Simple and reliable process
  • Only internal water flows are used and no brine is generated

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