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3gsolar-logo-w3GSolar Photovoltaics Ltd., established in 2003, is a private company which developed highly-efficient, low-cost DSC modules.

3GSolar delivers next-generation solar technology derived from nature itself. Based on highly-efficient, low-cost DSC modules, with a focus on the global PV market, 3GSolar provides a superior alternative to traditional photovoltaic (PV) modules, such as Thin Film and Crystalline Silicon.

At the cutting-edge of DSC development, 3GSolar’s objective is to increase performance and reduce costs of the company’s dye solar cells below that of silicon and thin-film alternatives. PV technology promises to become a clean, low-cost renewable energy source that is revolutionizing developing and industrialized countries alike.

3GSolar holds 13 issued and pending patents and applications protecting its innovations used in DSC design and scale-up.

3GSolar is a privately-held company with its headquarters and R&D division in Jerusalem, Israel. The company employs skilled and experienced scientists and solar energy technicians, backed by a professional management team. 3GSolar operates at the forefront of the global DSC market, attracting top-level technical talent and continuous media interest. These are the building blocks of 3GSolar’s offering.

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