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Koor Metals

kor-metals-logo1Koor Metals is one of the most established and senior company in the Israei metal industry. Koor Metals is involved in extensive activities : foundations, building, industrial factories, combined constructions, residential engineering projects, steel bridges and other fields.

For more than 70 years Koor Metals has been involved in very complicated projects and enterprises using very sophisticated  technologies and  often involving subcontractors as well. Koor Metals is oriented to meet its customer's most rigorous demands.

Koor Metals is unique in Israel for its ability to supply a wide range of fabrication services under one roof. Starting with the project’s characterization, entire design, fabrication, construction and final assembly. Koor Metals is outstanding in its capability, based on professional project management and a total commitment to customer satisfaction.

Among Koor Metals’ clients one can find major Israeli institutions such as: The Israeli Electric Corp., Israeli Oil Refineries, Ports and Railways Authorities, Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd., and the Israeli Airports Authorities International concerns such as: Man Takraf, Siemens, ABB, and Altsom Infrastructure companies such as: A. Arenson, Solel Boneh, Minrav, Ramet and others. Military Authorities such as: The USA Defense Dept., Rafael, The IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) and The Israel Ministry of Defense In addition, chemical and petrochemical industries, hi-tech companies and other large companies.

Koor Metals is comprised of five complementary companies:

  • Vulcan Engineering Works – Haifa
  • Koor Projects - Ramin Engineering Works Ltd.
  • Simat Industries Ltd.
  • Koor Metals Labs and Clean Rooms Ltd
Since 1942, Koor Metals has stood in the forefront of the Israeli industrial development. Throughout all these years it has acquired mastery in the markets needs, an acquaintance with the Israeli resources while maintaining close working relationships with leading suppliers and contractors in Israel. Beyond this, Koor Metals has recruited the most skilled and experienced engineers available building a truly professional staff.

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