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Barkan Wine Cellars

barkan-logo-wThe roots of Barkan Wine Cellars start at 1899 with a winery located near the city of Petach Tikva, Israel. In 1988 the company built a new winery in the Barkan Industrial Park. In 1994 the company went public and in 2000 the company moved from Barkan area to Hulda with more modern and innovative production facility.

In a joint venture, Barkan Wine Cellars and Kibbutz Hulda planted 1200 dunam (120 hectares) of vineyards around the new plant. This was planned to be part of a regional "wine route" of large and small wineries such as exists in the Napa Valley in California.

In 2001, Barkan bought Segal Winery, a small Israeli boutique winery but beacuse of its high quality wines production, Segal Winery continue as independent winery, with separate vineyards and installations as well as its own production process. Thus, the wine retains the traditional, old-world character of Wines of Segal – a small boutique winery producing great wines.

Barkan has two main product lines:

  • Wines – varietal wines table wines, sweet wines, vermouth.
  • Spirits – brandy, vodka, liqueurs, rum and gin.

Wines are produced in a range of series including the domaine, Classic, Reserve and Altitude Cabernet. The winery's Superieur label is produced only in exceptional years in extremely limited quantities.

Segal's production is currently in the region of one and a half million bottles per year, comprising a number of quality labels:
Segal White/Red, Ben Ami, Marom Hagalil Single and Marom Hagalil Fusion.
The Single Vineyard label includes Rechasim Dovev and Rechasim Merlot.
Unfiltered Segal Cabernet and another prestigious and superior label still being aged in barrels.

The winery nestles among its vineyards, which reflects the central position of the Vineyard in the production of fine wines.
The winery's crowning glory is its new, state-of-the-art production facility at Kibbutz Hulda, nestling in one of Israel's largest vineyards. Barkan Wine Cellars controls over 3,000 dunam (300 hectares) of vineyards throughout Israel's major growing regions, from Mitzpe Ramon through the Negev to the Lachish region, Judea and Samaria, along the coastal and inland plains, the Galilee and the Golan Heights. The geographically diverse vineyard mix allows for the broadest range of wine style and qualities.

To this day Barkan Winery is the exclusive licensee for Stock International in Israel; retaining rights for the production of such brands as Stock 84 Brandy, Stock liqueurs and Keglevich Vodka.

Barkan and Segal sees themselves as combining the best of New World and Old World Styles. Barkan has committed to constant improvement in vineyards, wine technology and willingness to make the added effort to make better wines. Barkan sees itself not only as among the best producers in Israel, but intends to maintain itself as a world class maker of fine wines.